Hello, my name is

Rishab Gautam

And I'm a
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Who is Rishab?

I'm Rishab and I'm a

So hello friends, i am Rishab you are visiting my website. You can do a lot of thing in this website like when you will click on Youtube channel you will be redirected to my youtube channel home page if you are using pc or mobile both of the looks are different i have customized this website for both pc and website.

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What i can do

Web Design

I am a web designer you can see this site this site take a lot of time to create.

Computer Expert

I am a Computer Expert When i am at home i always with my pc. I can fix anything.


I am a Coder I love codings it makes my mind fresh and when i am free i love to do coding.

My skills

My creative skills & experiences.

I am a Coder, Student And a Gamer you can see at the right side this all are my experiences i get from coding and gaming i am improving this site after some days or months this site will look op thanks for reading.

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HTML 90%
CSS 70%
JavaScript 80%
Python 85%
Gaming 95%

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You all can contact me by Discord Rishab Uzumaki#9901 Or You can email me.

Rishab Gautam
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